• Technical Support

    Need more support? If you did not found an answer,contact us for further help.

  • Vikelaser

    Pre-sales technical support

    Contact the Vikelaser service hotline where top qualified laser experts will assist you with any questions or problems. You can reach the vikelaser hotline via phone from:+86-755-123456789

  • Vikelaser

    After-Sales Support

    Vikelaser is committed to providing pro-active after-sales service and our skilled support staff is always available to provide the fastest resolution to your issues or needs. We believe that success is in knowledge, experience and availability .

  • Vikelaser

    Customized Solutions

    We thrive on providing turnkey solutions. We have unequated customization capabilities to deliver a perfect solution that fulfils the most challenging need and optimizes performance. Our customized solutions follow the specifications of the manufacturer based on the industry and product/material to be marked.

  • Vikelaser

    System Diagnoses via Remote Maintenance

    In addition to the service hotline, we offer you fault diagnosis by a remote maintenance service. For this, a service technican will log into your PC via the Internet and will check the status of your laser software. Many problems can be solved in this manner in just a couple of minutes.

    Instructions for remote maintenance:
    1. Download the free remote maintenance software Teamviewer.
    2. Inform our technical support about your ID and password. With this information our technicians are able to connect to your computer.

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