Advantages of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Why choose a laser marking machine?

Fiber laser marking machine has been a big latest trend. Using up-to-date fiber pumping technology, the laser markers use optic fibers bundled together and impregnated with a substance that increases their conductivity. The fibers are pumped with light-emitting diodes, and the light of the laser passes through to the optical head, from where the beam is expanded to create the laser mark. This method produces a much higher quality beam than the first generation laser marking machines were capable of, with reduced volatility and cost.

These reliable laser marking system are environmentally friendly.It use no harsh chemicals or high temperatures during the process and safely delivering high quality.With permanent laser marking on metals, stainless steel, ceramics and plastics.

Laser marking system uses no consumables and requires minimal maintenance. The diodes have a lifetime of more than 50,000-80,000 hours. And the small footprint of the fiber-based laser marking machines makes it possible to install them easily in almost any location.

Fiber laser marking process is becoming increasingly popular for numerous uses. Its high temperature resistance makes it perfect for marking medical equipment that requires sterilization, such as surgical devices. The durability of the laser marks optimize it for use in jewelry, mobile phones, and other items of value.

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