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How to buy your first laser marking machine?

As known to most consumers, laser marking machine can dramatically improve production efficiency and quality as the most advanced laser marking equipment. Faced with so many laser equipment firms, how to select the most satisfied one is a question to many customers. Below are five points for choosing a laser marker.

1.Consider the marking material. There are various types of laser marker according to different laser, such as optical fiber and CO2. Customers need to choose the right type for metal and non-metallic products.

2.Select laser marking machine according to the processing demands of workpiece. Generally speaking, there are three application ways of laser machinery, including carving, cutting and marking. There are special-purpose machine and multi-functional machine, which should be chosen according to the primary demands.

3.Size of format should match with the size of workpiece. Not all the biggest format is the best when it comes to the choice of format size. On one hand, larger format means more cost; on the other hand, some low quality laser marker has unstable average degree of laser output on large format, causing irregularity defect. So the appropriate format is correct choice.

4.Except for company qualification and product quality, after-sale service is another thing to be valued. For example, whether there is on-site installation and rapid debugging. Whether they offer free specialized guidance to ensure proficiency of the operator. Whether there is quality assurance services for the whole machine.