Laser Marking of Semiconductors

Laser marking is most commonly used to create identification markings on the objects and materials that they are working with. This also happens to be their primary use within the semiconductor industry too.There are many marks that are made on a semiconductor,and this is done through laser marking. These marks must be extremely clear, machine-readable and not affect the surrounding area of the semiconductor at all, or affect the manufacturing process in any way.

why laser marking is such an integral process in the semiconductor industry

It is able to work with micro components extremely accurately, helping to create very small and precise markings without damaging the rest of the material.

Furthermore, given the fast-paced nature of this industry, it’s important that efficient and quick processes are used. Laser marking is the perfect solution for this. While it works quickly, it sacrifices nothing when it comes to control, precision and quality.

It’s not just the semiconductor industry where laser marking plays a role, but many other crucial sectors too such as the aerospace, automotive, medical and electronics industries. If you would like to know more about its various applications or how it works, we would love to have a chat. You can find our contact details here.